Our Mission

Our mission at Gigs paragon technology is to build the mind of individuals in the area of technology, Coaching, and helping people acquire the tech skills they need. Also, our goal is to get Nigeria and the entire African continent to become a tech-developing region, and to give everyone the edge over multiple opportunities around the world.

About Us

Gigs paragon Technology is a practical physical learning institute that offers live courses from seasoned instructors to individuals and organizations who seek to get the skill in software and hardware development. We coach teens and young adults in coding, software, and hardware development. At Gigs, paragon Technology coding is considered the preliminary skill to building technology. Coaching and helping people acquire the tech skills they need is one of our goals to get Nigeria and the entire African continent to become a tech-developing region.

Gigs IT Services focuses more on practical skills to ensure that participants and trainees who enroll for any Gigs IT Services training can become proficient in their chosen paths.
While there are courses for everyone in Gigs IT Services, our kids are designed to involve Science, Technology, and Engineering.

Scope of Work

The company will provide general IT services to your organization, for a specific period of time, based on the agreement with an option to extend for another period of time following the client’s request. After notice, the company negotiates with the client to build a profitable business model that will further improve the organization. The interval validity will vary on the specified scope of the business concept.

Objectives & Timelines

The company proposes to provide general IT services, which include service desk support, Training the trainees, python Bootcamp, python with data science, Full stack web development, and android and iOS development. This service shall be continuous, spanning the entire term of the service period.

The company also proposes cyber security services, which include vulnerability assessment and strategic planning. the company assigns lucky Abbas, and Francis, IT security specialists, to lead this objective and expects this objective to be achieved within four months of the start of the services with some tasks to continue until the term of the service period.

Contact Us

Address: Shop A2/22 first floor central market district kubwa abuja.

WhatsApp: +234 810 918 3797

Phone number: +234 703 326 6497 +234 902 282 8781

Email: gigsitservices@gmail.com